Choir picnic and a new blog!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

This evening Jeanne and I invited members of the Bethany College Choir and Bethany Chapel Choir to our house for a cookout and time to get to know each other.  We do this often but this year I felt it was even more important because in two days I will be leaving for almost two weeks in Japan.

The choir this year is especially exciting because I was able to choose exactly 40 singers with near perfect balance (5 sop I, 5 sop II, 5 alto I, 4 alto II, 5 tenor 1, 6 tenor II, 5 bass I, 5 bass II).  There is vocal and personal leadership in each section and collectively it is a group of young men and women with whom I cannot wait to work.

Here they are being lead by Dr. Masterson is a particularly intense game of “hook tag.”


But I WILL have to wait.  Yes, at 5 am on August 25 I will embark upon the trip of a lifetime.  I will be presenting a paper giving a lecture at the International Symposium on Performance Science in Kyoto, Japan. But before that I will have an exciting time in Tokyo, Mitaka, Kawasaki, Kumamoto, and Hiroshima. But, dear readers you must wait for those details until Monday night!

This site, is where I will post updates. I plan to use iPhone and GoPro cameras to capture video and pictures of my trip and post stories and visuals here.  If you so wish (Mom!) go ahead and bookmark this page and check back each day, probably in the mid afternoon Kansas time.

Until then, I leave you with some of the antics of members of the Bethany Choir and Chapel Choir.

Here are members of the choir introducing themselves and telling us their names and what part they each sing.



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