Kumamoto day 1

Yet another wonderful day.  It began in Tokyo with some breakfast while waiting for the bus to Haneda Airport to catch my flight to Kumamoto.


After an hour-long bus ride to the airport I had a chance to Skype Jeanne.

Jeanne on Skuype

And then I took a chance and got some local food for lunch.

Breakfast breat

I was SO tired that when I was offered the opportunity to upgrade to a higher class of seat on my flight for 12 USD I jumped at the chance!

JAL first class

The flight was wonderful and I made it to Kumamoto by 2:45 pm where Kevin Axton picked me up at the airport.  If you don’t know Kevin, he is a Bethany graduate who was an RA in Deere Hall when I was a freshman.  He later served in the admissions department and is, in general, a huge Bethany supporter!  Kevin introduced me to Matsumoto-sensei who is in charge of the cross-cultural practicum program at Kyushu Lutheran College in Kumamoto, but that’s something for another time!

Kevin took me out to eat to a traditional Japanese place.

Kevin Axton

Looking good, Kevin!

He ordered for us so we got a great smattering of traditional Japanese food as well as more Americanized food.

Kevin Mark Supper

It was awesome!  We didn’t stay out too late because I will be visiting Goshi Church in the morning and I have been staying up too late every night.  Still, It is nearly 11:30 pm as I write this post!

Until tomorrowj fom Kumamoto we say good-bye!

Kevin Mark


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