Travel day – Kumamoto to Hiroshima.

When I knew that I would be visiting Japan and would be somewhat close to Hiroshima and decided I must visit.  It’s a strange feeling to be excited about visiting a place in which my country did such massive damage.  However, this is NOT a political blog and I am not an expert on the background of why the bomb was dropped (and I am not asking for anyone else’s opinion on the topic here :-).  Tonight I am watching a couple of documentaries on the Hiroshima bombing and tomorrow I will visit the Peace Museum and site of ground zero.  My hope is to learn more about that event and what lead up to it.

In the meantime I will catch you up on my day.  I reluctantly left Kumamoto around noon.  It was nice to FaceTime with my boys around 11 am my time in Japan.  Technology is wonderful these days. I could see and speak with them and they could tell me about football practice and everything else going on at school.  I dare say I learned more from them today than when I am actually at home.

Leaving Kumamoto was difficult because the people there were so welcoming and nice.  It was great to see Kevin Axton again.  He was awesome and took me by taxi to the train station today.  He made sure I got a reserved seat on the train to Hiroshima and saw me off.  I sure hope he can visit us in Lindsborg soon so I can return the favor!


This is the Shinkansen, the Japanese Bullet Train.  I was lucky enough to ride it today from Kumamoto to Hiroshima.  The actual mileage between those two cities is approximately 236 miles and it took me 2 hours with about 5 stops.

My travel partner for the day was again “Ted” of “Ted & Suzy” of Facebook fame (see previous posts).


I arrived in Hiroshima and took public transportation, a local bus route, to my hotel.  I booked this hotel, the Grand Prince Hotel of Hiroshima, last night because I got a great deal on  It was still somewhat expensive but I got a really good deal and I have saved money so far on my trip. I have been careful with my budget and thought I would treat myself the next two nights.


This is the view of the hotel from Hiroshima Bay.


This is the view of Hiroshima Bay from my room.

My booking was not only a “sale” for the room but also included a big discount on food at the local restaurant on the 23rd floor.

Last night I mentioned my meal was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.  After tonight, I can say with complete confidence that I have never had two meals on consecutive nights as good as the my last two suppers!

The “Boston Steak and Seafood” restaurant is on the 23rd floor of the Grand Prince Hotel and is outstanding.  All the while I was having the 5 courses of my supper I wanted to be talking to Shana Everhart to see what she thought!  Tonight I was alone, so I sneaked pictures of the view from the restaurant and the food.

IMG_7853 IMG_7854 IMG_7855 IMG_7856 IMG_7857 IMG_7858


After an outstanding supper I made my way to the observation deck where I took in the view of Hiroshima.  The view you see is from the hotel on the south end of the city looking toward the main city.  You can see a mound in the foreground.  Just over the top of that mound and slightly to the right is the area most affected by the atomic bomb dropped almost exactly 70 years ago.  Where I am at was affected but was about 2 miles from ground zero so was not completely leveled.



Until tomorrow. . . sayonara!


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