Lutherstadt-Wittenberg and Helsinki

Forgive me if this blog entry is more pictures and less text.  I need to sum up two days and I am incredibly tired and need to hit the sack.  So. . .

Friday in Lutherstadt-Wittenberg
Yesterday I visited Lutherstadt-Wittenberg with new friend Robert Moore.  Robert is an ELCA minister who, along with wife Kathy, most recently served in Houston but is now the ELCA rep stationed in Leipzig to help with the many anticipated visitors to Wittenberg and Leipzig during the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

I’m sure there are many intelligent things I could say about Luther, his town, his history (actually, there are many things I could say.  I’ve been reading a book on the 95 theses on my trip) but for the aforementioned reasons please simply enjoy these pictures.

The Castle Church

Scholars disagree as to whether Luther actually posted the 95 theses on the door. If he did, it would have been here (not these specific doors, but perhaps this doorway).


Luther’s Burial site inside the Castle Church

Main street Lutherstadt-Wittenberg (old town)

City Center with the City Church on the right.

Inside the City Church, where Luther also served and preached

With Robert Moore


Saturday in Helsinki

I left early from the Hotel Meininger in Berlin to catch a flight to Helsinki via Riga, Latvia.  In Helsinki, I met up with Joona Kallio.  Joona’s parents were missionaries in Japan along with Tom Nelson.  He showed me Helsinki on a walking tour and then we shared an awesome meal.  He didn’t have to do that (he lives 45 minutes outside town) so I was extremely appreciative of his hospitality.

Here are some pictures from Helsinki. . .

I felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie.

Coming in to Riga, Latvia

Of course, the Riga airport is known for its fine Japanese cuisine

I asked Jeanne to please get her hair styled like this nice young woman.


Honestly, the first time I’ve ever had someone holding up a card for me as I got off a flight. Joona!

The first place Joona took me was to the “Rock Church,” a Lutheran church built out of stones.  Hard to explain.  See for yourself.  Interesting tidbit:  Eric Williams, Bethany ’94 and a member of my college quartet, worked here in Helsinki for a time and attended this church!

Here is my hotel room. Just because I like documenting what each room is like.


Helsinki Cathedral (Lutheran)

Time to say good-bye to my new friend, Joona!

Tomorrow I Leave for Stockholm where I will first spend some time in and around Mora and then have an awesome few days with my friend Anders Jalkeus!

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  1. What a great job you have done of documenting and sharing your trip! Thank you so much. A very dear (dear as in actually living with us for six months!) pastored at the Rock Church. He– Lloyd Swantz– has died, but his widow, Dr. Marja-Liisa Swantz still loves in Helsinki. She has been Finland’s Woman of the Year.

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