Giant Gyros and Dala Pizza in Mora, Sweden

Today was mainly a travel day from Helsinki to Mora, Sweden via Stockholm.  So, here are a couple of pictures of Helsinki in the daytime as I was leaving. . .

The flight was easy and nice to Stockholm, where I boarded a train for 3 1/2 hours north to Mora.  It was nice to have access to electricity and WIFI!

And the views out the windows were beautiful.  Exactly what I thought Sweden would look like in the winter!

Hey look, they have an IKEA!

This is a picture of Lake Siljan at sunset.  I took this photo at 3:30 pm.  This was taken near Rättvik, only a 5 minute drive up to the resort where Jeanne and I got engaged on Midsummers 1999!

I finally arrived in Mora and found my hotel.  What a beautiful city.  Tomorrow I will visit the Hemslojd here and, hopefully, also make connections in other nearby folk art stores.

Mora Main Street at night

I hadn’t eaten for hours, so I went to the nearby pizza place.  Luckily they had Gyros!  But, they don’t usually serve them with pita bread.  But the guys there were happy to fill my request.  What I ended up with was the largest Gyro Burrito you’ve ever seen.

I was happy for this, instead of ordering the Dala Pizza. . .

Dala Pizza

I don’t even know what’s on that pizza but I can tell you I don’t want any.

Until tomorrow. . .

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