Let us play a game. . .

I hope you read that in a computer voice, ala the Matthew Broderick movie from the 80s “War Games.”  If not, well, here’s what we are going to do. . .

I am currently on a train with no WIFI.  I am going to post pictures of my day so that I only use a certain amount of bandwith on my hotspot.  Later, I will write text and caption the pictures.  Until then, you are welcome to write your own captions 😉  The basic gist of my day is that I started in Mora and then went to Insjön to a school for the Folk Arts called Säterglätan.  Oh, and I guess you’ll have to count what picture it is to put on the caption. For example, Marc Anderson would say, Pic #4, “I know her!  Her name is Christina and she is co-owner of the Mora Hemslojd,” or you might look at pic #14 and try to translate it according to the context.

Now, go. . .





4 thoughts on “Let us play a game. . .”

  1. Bacon and Sweden. How can you go wrong with that combination? Glad you were able to hook up with Christina at the hemslöjd, and I am very happy that you made the trip to Insjön to visit the Sätergläntan handicraft school. There is so much that goes on there. Sometime you should spend a few days in that area. Leksand and the area around Tällberg are some of the most idyllic areas for celebrating Swedish midsommars and Christmas, and there are numerous handicraft places nearby. From Tällberg you have beautiful views of he lake and wonderful old log cabins. The drive along the west side of the lake via Sollerön is beautiful. From Mora to Leksand to Rättvik, a person could spend a week and not see all the sites or visit all the handicraft shops. We should send a few students to their summer training to learn a few crafts and then bring their knowledge back to Bethany. Travel safe and give Anders a hug and kiss from me!

  2. #1 – What’s left of the bacon after Lucas gets finished with breakfast.
    #2 – A view I would like to see more often.
    #3 – Mora Hemslöjd – the place where I purchased the hat and material for my Swedish costume.
    #4 – Christina – We were in school at the Mora Folkhögskola together back in 1981.
    #5 – The main walking street in Mora.
    #6 – Gustav Vasa making his appeal to the Swedish people, rallying them against the Danes. This is the place near where the annual Vasaloppet ski race finish line is located.
    #7 – What I looked like before I got old and ugly.
    #13 – I agree with their philosophy and would choose Fika first. It looks like you have a few fika shots.

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