Top 10 Reasons Shane Reif is Awesome!

If you read my previous post you are probably wondering why in the world I am following it up with a post about Shane Reif.  You may not even know who Shane Reif is.  Trust me.  I’ve spent the last 8 hours in O’Hare airport and, because of Shane Reif, my life is so much better than it could have been!

So, indulge me with the countdown, you’ll understand when you reach #1 . . .

10.  He takes a really nice “Olan Mills” style photo:

9.  Shane graduated from Bethany College and supports his alma mater!


8.  He is secure enough in himself that he will post embarrassing pictures on Facebook with seemingly no regret (P.S.  I think that is him as Mrs. Doubtfire on Halloween as a child):

7.  He is friends with Kirsten Bruce.  I mean, the man should get a prize for that alone (sorry Kirstin!):


6.  His sister, Sarah Reif Bricker, is also a Bethany graduate and one heck of a musician.


5.  He received the Spencer Bartlett Senior Respect Award while at Bethany (I think?).


4.  See reason # 8


3.  When trolling searching for pictures on his Facebook page I noticed that nearly half of them are taken at the Ol Stuga:


2.  He made this post about giving back to his alma mater:


  1.  But far and away, the biggest reason Shane Reif is awesome is because he sent me a free pass to the O’Hare Airport promised land. . . The United Club: 

I had an 8 hour layover in Chicago and instead of trying to nap in an uncomfortable chair while guarding my valuables I have been enjoying the luxury of the United Club where I had complimentary breakfast and lunch, and rested in comfort while watching bowl games.

So, thank you Shane Reif.  YOU are the real hero of this leg of my trip and I am extremely grateful.  Rockar Stockar!  


P.S.  Start saving miles now.  BC Choir goes to Sweden and Germany in spring 2018 and I’ll need some more complimentary passes 😉

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  1. Shane Reif’s kindness to Mark Lucas should inspire everyone who reads this blog to contribute generously to Bethany College! Do it now! Operators are standing by!

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