Day 5 – Berlin in a day!

No guest blogger today.  You’re stuck with me!

Today was a “free” day in Berlin for all travelers.  So, you’ll only get to hear about what I did, along with the 15 or so friends who came with me.

We began the day with an early breakfast, after which about half the group hopped on a public bus and headed to the Reichstag Building to tour the dome.

Students get a taste of public transportation.

The Reichstag Building was (and is) the German Parliament building.  It was the building that burned in 1933.  Hitler used this to his advantage and participated in fearmongering to aid in his rise to power.  Now, it is the seat of Parliament, lead by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

A small group of about 16 then visited the Brandenburg Gate again to get better pictures before heading to the Holocaust Memorial.

Lucas family at the Brandenburg Gate

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial

After a brief stop at Hitler’s Bunker, where the dictator shot himself near the end of WW II, we headed to the Victory Monument.  It was a LONG walk through Berlin’s Tiergarten Park.  We even had some fun playing in the sprinklers!

In Tiergarten Park

Sydney Walker getting wet!

Victory Column in the background.

After another bus ride it was off to the Berlin Dome Cathedral, an incredibly beautiful Lutheran Church in Berlin.  Here we went our separate ways for a couple of hours.


Then we hopped public transportation back to the hostel where I am writing this blog.  We head to the airport in 10 minutes to fly to Stockholm, so I apologize if this is hastily thrown together.  

Tomorrow we spend the day in Uppsala and then sing a concert in Alunda.  I am happy to report that so far these students have been wonderful people with which to travel!


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  1. Great pictures. You have covered so much territory in your travels! Glad all are well and in good humor! Sweden will be great fun!

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