Day 10 – Side trip to Finland

It’s amazing how difficult it was to find a church in Stockholm to sing at on a Sunday morning in early June.  We worked for months to set something up to no avail.  So, we figured if we can’t go to a church, we’ll bring the church to us.

Our tour guide, Roger Berg, set up a trip to the Aland Islands, a territory of Finland.  The result was a day at the beach in Finland, complete with Senior Devotions, Awards, and Communion lead by Pastor Bill Peterson.  It turned out to be not only a fun day, but extremely meaningful.

We took a large ferry to the island

Once we arrived on the island it was a short walk to the beach and conference center.

Before we turned everyone loose to swim in the Baltic, we had Senior Devotions, after which some of the seniors lead us in the Alma Mater Song one last time.

We followed this with a meaningful communion experience lead by Pastor Bill Peterson and his wife, Judy, while we all hummed “Sommarpsalm.”

Of course then it was time for tour Awards and the reading of the list of Quotes.

And THEN it was time to play in the Baltic.  Some rented canoes, others paddleboats, while still others actually swam in the icy cold waters.

We finished the day with a wonderful meal on the ferry ride home.

And now we are only hours away from waking up for the last time in Sweden.  Breakfast tomorrow morning is at 3:30 am and we load the bus at 4 am in order to get to the airport in time for our flight.

I want to thank you each for following the blog while the Bethany Choir and Handbells toured Germany and Sweden (and Finland!).  I hope you will consider coming out to our concerts in the fall.


Mark Lucas

7 thoughts on “Day 10 – Side trip to Finland”

  1. Loved following you on your daily adventures. Sure you will all remember this for a lifetime. Safe travels

  2. Thanks so much for the blogging on this trip. All of Lindsborg and beyond have followed eagerly to share in your adventures! All good things must end, but we’ll miss the wonderful stories and pictures. Safe travels to all!

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