Day 8 – Finding our roots in Dalarna and Varmland

When I woke up today, two of my choir members were engaged, another had recovered successfully from a possibly serious illness, and a third had found out she was admitted to a top level graduate program in music.  I should go to bed early more often.

The view of Lake Siljan from breakfast

The students had a wonderful time hanging out by the lake last night, playing volleyball and wading into the lake.  This morning came early, but luckily it was a relaxed day.

After a couple of hours on a bus we reached the Nils Olsson Dala Horse Factory.

We got to follow the process for making the Dala Horses 1 step at a time.

It was funny when she asked us how many had ever seen a Dala Horse before.  Every hand went up and she was shocked.

We even got to ride one!

Dr. Lucas rides a Dala!

After a short ride we arrived at Sunnemo and the church there.  Olof Olsson was Pastor there until he and some parishioners left Sweden for America and eventually settled in Lindsborg.  To this day there is a bust in the church celebrating his time there.

Olof Olsson

We were greeted warmly by Pastor Monica, who lead us in a brief worship service, including singing hymns in Swedish!

After some worship, we sand three songs:  Sommarpsalm, Ack, Varmeland, and, of course, Children of the Heavenly Father.

Our friend, and friend of Lindsborg, Alf Brorson, was there to share history with the students about the church, Pastor Olsson, and the fact that the students were part of a long line of people connecting our two towns.

Finally we were off to Stockholm, a 4 hour drive from Sunnemo.  So, this is pretty much how the bus looked during that time. . .

Tomorrow we get a walking tour of Stockhom and a tour of the Vasa Museum before an evening concert.




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  1. The tap root is deep in Sunnemo. Thanks for your commentary, and for allowing the rest of us to share in the journey. AND thanks for the singing!!

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