BC Virtual Choir Project


Step 1 Plug your headphones into your computer

Step 2 Go to www.bcchoirdoc.com and click on “Blog” and then find the BC Virtual Choir Project (you’re here)

Step 3 Click below where it says, “COTHF traditional” and either print it off or have it available while you do the rest of the steps.  You may also click on the Swedish Pronunciation, but remember that I did it myself and I am NOT an expert!

Step 4 Click below where it says your part, for example, sopranos click on “Soprano.” The track will play all parts but should have your part louder than the others.

Step 5 Practice once or twice, singing along with the recording, while listening to it using your headphones.  Note:  it’s best if you have one earbud in and one out, so you can hear yourself when you sing.

Step 6 Take out your phone and open whatever program you use to record things.  On my iPhone I use “Voice Memos.”  This, I think is on every iPhone, you just have to search for it.  For Samsung users I think there is a “voice recorder” app.

Step 7 Record your singing into your phone while you are listening to our recording in your earbud.  Note:  these apps on your phone are really good.  You do not have to hold it too close to your mouth.  Just have it on a table nearby.

Step 8 Email your recording to us at:  bcvirtualchoir@gmail.com Make SURE to include your name, where you live, and, if you are a BC alumni, your graduating year or years attended.

Don’t forget that verse 2 is on “oo”

We will compile everything into one file and have our choir!

If you need further help, send an email to bcvirtualchoir@gmail.com with your questions!


COTHF traditional sheet music

Swedish Pronunciation (I did it myself.  It’s NOT authentic.  Only use it as a guide)









4 thoughts on “BC Virtual Choir Project”

  1. Great idea. I didn’t see the Swedish language written anywhere here, so this might help.
    First Verse
    Tryggare kan ingen vara
    än Guds lilla barnaskara,
    stjärnan ej på himlafästet,
    fågeln ej i kända nästet.

    Second Verse-OOO

    Third Verse
    Vad han tar och vad han giver,
    samme Fader han dock bliver,
    och hans mål är blott det ena:
    barnens sanna väl allena.

  2. Just checking. This is NOT video (a la Eric Whitacre) but recorded voices only? Guess I was thinking virtual choir included little vids. Sorry I’m confuzzed

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